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Ferose has 20+ years working in the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Industries, he gained extensive experience over the years having worked in various capacities from a Pharmaceutical Representative to a Sales Coach / Regional Manager with two multinational corporations. 

He has managed Sales Teams throughout several international markets with a great degree of success owed to his drive to succeed and deliver upon expectations. 

It was in 2007, having completed his Masters in Business Administration at Andrews University (USA) he discovered his passion for continuous improvement which shaped his future as a Sales and Management professional. 

In 2020 he pursued certification in the field of Performance coaching which supplemented his prior work experience as a Sales Coach. This led to the formation of Introspection to Evolution, a Performance Coaching Company. 


Ferose Bryant Daniel
Principal Founder

Our Mission, Our Vision

Its ALL About Continuous Improvement

Our mission is to add value to the lives of our clients by investing time in the belief of never-ending growth. 

Ultimately, our vision is to make the world a better place by creating a space of realization for the individual where they can experience personal and professional growth.  


Our Methodology

For Businesses and Organizations, first there is an initial consultation, this is to get a better understanding of your business, the challenges being faced and what has been done in the past. 

With this, options will be provided as to how to proceed in order for you to get the desired results. Though we cannot guarantee the outcome, we can guarantee the we will immerse ourselves to find solutions,  make quality improvements and be 100% dedicated to the process.

For Professionals, the process is very similar, whilst being different - this is all about YOU. First, there is a Discovery session to understand you - your beliefs, your values and your goals. Next, we will utilize various tools and techniques to develop a plan that best suits YOU, decided by YOU - trust us to then hold you accountable for our agreed "Next Steps". 

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